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      Chendiao Mechanics

      The company implements the development strategy of "people-oriented and continuous innovation"


      Zhejiang Chendiao Machinery Co.Ltd. (The former zhejiang lishui shendiao machinery co. LTD.)since 1995 is located in China's largest bandsaw machine production base with a total plant area of 12000 square meters specialized i...


      Chendiao Machinery undertakes the design and manufacture of all kinds of super large, special and special sawing machines

      " Warmly welcome new and old
      customers to visit us. "


      • Rich species

      • Quality assurance

      • After sales guarantee


      Product types include: circular saw, high-speed intelligent band saw, metal band saw, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, gantry band saw, CNC band saw, circular saw, etc.


      After the completion of a sawing machine is successfully debugged, it shall be debugged again at the sales station to ensure the quality of the sawing machine.


      We will help customers solve the problems of the sawing machine immediately. If there are serious problems with the sawing machine, our company will assign professional technicians to repair it.

      Chendiao Mechanics Three advantages

      ———————An enterprise specializing in the manufacture and development of band sawing machines

      Chendiao main advantages of sawing machine

      High quality electrical and hydraulic components, stable and reliable performance

      • The sawing speed is 3-5 times faster than that of bow sawing machine, The power consumption is 50-70% less than that of bow sawing machine
      • The linear speed of saw blade is adjusted by grades, and the linear speed is matched reasonably, Stepless speed regulation of feed speed
      • The sawing gap is narrower than that of bow sawing machine and circular sawing machine, saving materials
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